Knowledge base

Share your knowledge, instructions, tips with your team and customers.

How It's Used

Knowledge Base is used to supplement your support system, it is designed to organize the most frequently asked questions by users in convenient, structured catalog.

Typically, the knowledge base will contain the instructions for use the product, answers to frequently asked questions, methods of finding and correcting common errors.

List of features

Full text search

To search for articles, you can use the internal search engine it will show the most suitable articles on user request. Also you can find a specific article by navigating categories.

Draft articles

After article creation it has draft status and visible only to the community managers. Then support staff able to publish article and make it visible to all.

Organize articles

In order to make navigation through the knowledge base it’s possible to create a nested categories tree, for each of the categories you can upload an image or use a collection of over 400 vector icons.

Beautiful and easy-to-use WYSIWYG html editor

Using the powerful editor, you can create articles in the knowledge base, they can contain images, embedded video

Get users opinions on quality of KB articles

UserEcho allows users to assess the quality of articles in the knowledge base. If the user was not satisfied or not able to use information from the article, the system asks what information is not enough and how you can improve the article to make it more useful. This will allow to improve the quality of the knowledge base and increase user loyalty.

Statistics on articles

For each knowledge base article we maintain following information: number of views, the usefulness of the article, the date of publication.

24x7 Support

Rather than respond to constantly the same questions, save your time and money by directing users to articles in the knowledge base, before they sent a new request or call you.

Multilanguage support

It’s posttible to set a translations for each article in the knowledge base , the system will automatically display article corresponding to the user locale.